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The school successfully held the final of the ninth psychological knowledge competition
2023-05-04 14:36  

In order to enrich the campus cultural life of college students, publicize and popularize the knowledge of mental health, and improve the level of mental health of college students, on April 26, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center successfully held the final of the ninth psychological knowledge competition in the University Student Activity Center 401。Teachers from the Psychology Center and more than 300 students attended the competition。

This year's psychological knowledge competition includes five modules: Psychology and life, social psychology, positive psychology, personality psychology, and mental health of college students。The competition, which combines knowledge, practicality and education, lasted for one month,All secondary colleges actively organize and students actively register,More than 1,500 students participated,The psychological center is strictly selected,Through the fierce competition of the first round and the second round,In the end, six teams made up of 18 contestants were selected,Reach the final。

Final arena

The final is divided into four parts: required answer, quick answer, risk question and quick answer。In the required section,The players are full of confidence,Answer quickly, correct rate is high,Show rich psychological knowledge reserve and good competition condition;In the scramble,The players were quick to answer,Gradually widen the gap between scores;In the risk question,The answer scene is dramatic and exciting,The players brought the game to a climax with their confident and spirited performance.At the end of the Q&A,Test the players' proficiency in psychological knowledge,The players' quick and accurate answers were applauded and cheered by the audience;The competition is also designed for audience interaction,The students were enthusiastic and eager to try,Take the initiative to test the learning results of mental health knowledge,Actively participate in the interactive quiz with prizes。This competition tested the contestants' knowledge reserve, contingency ability and teamwork spirit, fully reflected the students' love and interest in mental health knowledge, and showed the youth vitality of college students。

Audience interaction

最后,The "Base complementary team" composed of experimental Manager 212 Zhou Jinwei, software 212 Lin Zhimin, engineering management 221 Zhang Liujun won the first prize;The "European Qi Full Team" composed of Automatic 225 Zhao Siqi, English 201 Lin Yufan, and Electric 217 Zhang Mengru, and the "Swarm" composed of editor 212 Guo Jiaqi, Experimental theory 212 Zhang Xingzhu, software 212 Li Kexin won the second prize;The "Dadidu Team" composed of power transmission 223 Zuo Weijie, statistics 221 Huo Minlong, Mechatronic 211 Li Zhongqing, the "Challenger team" composed of Lab 212 Yang Chao, Lab 212 Xia Shihan, Mechatronic 211 Gao Zhen, and the "Shared Electronics Team" composed of Lab 211 He Jiashuo, Lab 211 Li Jingyang, and Power 229 Zhang Chaofu won the third prize。

Final team photo

Through this psychological knowledge competition, students are guided to pay more attention to their own mental health, stimulate the students' enthusiasm for learning psychological knowledge, and improve the students' attention to mental health。In the future, the psychological Center will continue to strengthen students' mental health education and escort the mental health of students in Tepco。

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