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The School of Foreign Languages held a psychological lecture on "Meeting love"
2023-07-04 17:43  

In order to help students grow up in love, learn to recognize and understand in love, improve the ability of lovers to love themselves, and establish a correct view of love and healthy expectations, a correct view of the complementarity of the two sides, and clear their own needs and expectations。The School of Foreign Languages is open to all freshmen and sophomores74On the first floor of the big live organization"Meeting Love" psychology lecture。

This psychological lecture invited the psychological counseling center of our school teacher Zhou Lina as the keynote speaker, for the students in the pursuit of love on the road to answer questions。Teacher Lina Zhou used three questions to help students answer their questions about love more clearly。First of all, Teacher Zhou Lina introduces the first topic through the interactive way, that is, why should we fall in love? The students answered positively and received a warm response。Teacher Zhou said that the development of feelings is indispensable in our life course, love will bring everyone the necessary emotional value, a healthy emotional life can improve the happiness and enjoyment of both sides。After that, teacher Zhou Lina cited vivid cases to lead to the next topic, what is love? Here, Teacher Zhou emphasized the ability of love, that is, the ability to express love, bear love, reject love, distinguish love, deal with the conflict of love, bear the frustration of love, and maintain love for a long time。Finally, Ms. Zhou answered the question of how to love, and reminded the students not to fall into the traps of love。Young we will experience the ignorant stage of love, may be hurt in love, but to learn to find ways in the confusion, to avoid the occurrence of all kinds of excessive behavior, timely help friends and teachers around, the correct treatment of love。

Love itself is not wrong, everyone is the author of their own life。If you fall in love with a flower on a planet, just look up at the sky at night and you will feel that the stars are just like flowers in full bloom。Through this mental health lecture, I hope the students have a deeper understanding of love, know how to correctly deal with love issues, and establish a correct and scientific concept of love。At the same time, it helps everyone to enhance their self-psychological adjustment ability and deeply appreciate the beauty of growing and harvesting in love。Finally, I wish all the students can have a beautiful love。

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