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The "June 26" International Day against Drug Abuse and Abuse has come to a successful conclusion!
2023-06-30 11:32  


Put up anti-drug posters






Anti-drug Day publicity campaign

 On Drug Day,The group set up anti-drug banner signing activities, anti-drug knowledge publicity display boards and brochures, anti-drug knowledge monopoly and other activities and a variety of exquisite prizes,The goal is to use activities that people enjoy,Encourage them to take an active part in anti-drug education activities,To improve students' understanding and cognition of anti-drug knowledge。

Carefully set up activities so that everyone is very enthusiastic to participate in the day in June, dice in the air one after another, anti-drug slogans echoed throughout the audience, everyone rushed to reach the end, the players are very excited, the audience is also invested in enthusiasm。During the fun, the students not only gained the knowledge of anti-drug, but also deeply realized that only by taking every step and making the right choice can they achieve a better life。

    The students carefully read the scientific knowledge on the anti-drug manuals and publicity boards, played interesting and allegorical games, and then took the initiative to sign messages on the anti-drug banners, expressing their determination to cherish life, stay away from drugs, and resolutely fight against drugs。



    This activity further expanded the coverage of anti-drug propaganda, once again enhanced the majority of students' awareness of anti-drug, enhanced their understanding of anti-drug knowledge, consciously stayed away from drugs, consciously resisted drugs, and consciously became anti-drug and anti-gas knowledge propaganda ambassadors!






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