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The theme lecture "Realizing Role Transformation, Opening a New Chapter of Career" was successfully concluded!
2023-06-27 11:52  

There will be a group of students to complete the transformation of the graduation season students into society, in order to help them adapt to the modern society in the workplace, the fierce competition, fast-paced life, and to bear a variety of psychological pressure, counseling center teacher Zhou Lina launched aThe seminar with the theme of "Changing Roles, Opening a New Chapter in your career" helps graduates adapt to the role change faster and start their future career journey。

Teacher Zhou first from the workplace of the most concerned about the topic,Based on psychological theory,Combine relevant examples,Slowly guide everyone to understand the development laws, requirements and taboos of the workplace;Then Ms. Zhou focused on teaching students how to change their bad mentality in the workplace by changing their role positioning and thinking perspective,Help students make a smooth transition from student to professional roles。

Ms. Zhou explained in detail to the students a variety of common problems that new people will encounter in the workplace,To close to the reality of the case for the students to explain,Let everyone personally feel the workplace dilemma,And give the students their own opinions and suggestions, Analyze workplace issues from different angles, at different levels and in different depths,All-round, multi-angle to help students solve the workplace problems。

For graduates, finding a job is just the first step, with a long career ahead of them。Both in action and psychology, they should quickly change their role, change their thinking, think from the perspective of a professional, take the initiative, make plans, and maintain the enthusiasm for learning, in order to achieve the effective docking of campus and workplace more smoothly。

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