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There's a Concession Stand by the Clouds.
2023-08-07 13:12  

There Is a Shop by the Cloud is a novel written by Zhang Jiajia, a contemporary Chinese writer,The main character in this book is Liu Thirteen,The story tells about Liu Shisan and her grandmother living together in a small town,Liu Shisan also had a few children and some people he met during his life journey,What happened among them was a series of sad stories。  Liu Shisan lives with her grandmother,But he always pursued dreams and far away,Against Grandma's will,Resolutely chose to leave this comfortable small county,But things never worked out for him in the big city,Lose love and lose one's job,When he had no choice but to get drunk,He was brought back to his hometown by his 70-year-old grandmother on a tractor。

This book is a deep yearning for thirteen's grandmother, a regret for the loss of love, and a heartfelt talk about the family。Story is story,Maybe in today's society,A girl was slashed in the face,You'll be alone for the rest of your life,But the story of the girl Qin Xiaozhen was cut after the face still have a persistent to her to give up all his career boys cattle field love her,Niu Datian even gave up the casino gave up his life's career just because Qin Xiaozhen's parents said a don't like to open the casino,One without a casino,One lost her beauty,But in the end, they stayed together,Share the joys and sorrows。    The beginning uses a very cheerful tone to tell the story of thirteen, but this story, laughing and laughing, especially gives people a kind of emotional resonance, which is also Zhang Jiajia's writing characteristics。The book also mentioned a song, the name of the song is "Liu Thirteen", the lyrics of which "butterfly died on the road, the cloud side hidden thoughts, never seen the mountains and the sea ah, after all, is not the hometown.。Perhaps this is a difficult lyric to understand, but as long as you experience the book with your heart, it is easy to understand the meaning of the lyrics。

In this story full of regrets, we can see the importance of spending time with family and loved ones。At the end of the story, Liu Shisan finally lives strong with her grandmother's love and thoughts, Cheng Frost's expectation and hope for life。

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