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Activity notice | "Spend some time, twist happiness" 525 Flower salon activity
2023-05-15 11:18  

A string of velvet, coiled in the fingertips

A blossoming velvet flower, in the palm of wanton blooming

The warm love between you and me lies in the velvet flowers

May of the East electric power, in the velvet flower dense

From the fingertips to create flowers, full of you and my silver bells like laughter

The campus of Tokyo Electric Power, because of the decoration of velvet flowers, colorful

  Active object

The whole school

      Activity profile

Twist flower making is the artistic expression of the soul。By seeing the fluffy twister stick easily twist and fold and wrap it can become a beautiful flower, which can heal our mood and help us maintain a positive and optimistic attitude in study and life。

This twisting flower handmade activity, the psychological counseling center specially prepared a beautiful material package for students, students can pick up the material package at the activity site, in an interesting and warm atmosphere and inner dialogue, according to their own aesthetic production of their own style of twisting flower works, while honing their patience and perseverance。After the completion of the production, the participants can wrap the twisted flower works as a gift for themselves, and write down the words they want to share with themselves on the note to narrow the distance between themselves and happiness。

Activity instruction

1.Time: 10:00-11:30, May 20, 2023

 Location: 407 College Student Activity Center

2.Reservation: through the questionnaire Star platform reservation, a total of 20 places, first come first served。

3.How to enter the group: Through the contact information reserved by the students, the staff will invite the successful students to enter the QQ group of the flower salon activity before the activity starts, please pay attention to the phone or SMS message。

4.Students participating in this salon can bring their own DIY twister flowers. Wrapping paper, ribbons and greeting cards will be provided on site to feel the unique warm atmosphere。

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