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"Flying Hope · 'Zheng Zheng' Day" Kite making activity successfully concluded!
2023-06-16 12:01  

On the eve of graduation, the Heart Talk group launched the kite making activity with the theme of "Flying Hope · 'Zheng Zheng' Day" for all students, so that youth and dreams can fly with the kite in the blue sky。

Graduates draw the youth, flying is the dream, the emotion of the Alma mater into a kite line, always concerned about the Alma mater!Students in school can relieve the pressure brought by study and life through this activity, feel the long-lost innocence and childlike fun, and fly their hopes and dreams as masters。

Activity style

Kite making process

Due to the students' active response and active registration, the activity was held in the morning and afternoon。In the morning, the students came to the activity site early, accompanied by the warm sunshine in the morning, under the guidance of the people in charge of the Tokyo Electric Heart Speech propaganda group, they took an orderly seat and began the preliminary painting work of the kite。

In the selection of kites, many students expressed their willingness to choose blank kites, take the initiative to increase the difficulty of painting, and choose to use colorful brushes to depict their rich inner world。

In the process of painting, the atmosphere is filled with the feeling of happiness and happiness, the five-color watercolor painted the students' wonderful inner monologue, and the white kite painted not only pictures, but also the hopes and wishes of the students buried in the heart of the heart。

The students were deeply immersed in their own small world. Their pen was the most beautiful picture in their heart, and they wrote their wishes and blessings on it. Everyone took this activity not only gained happiness, released pressure, but also enhanced the friendship between each other。

Partial kite display

Activity style

Subsequently, under the unified leadership of the Dongdian Xinyu propaganda group, the students came to the playground of the new campus to fly their own kites drawn by hand, and everyone seriously learned how to fly kites higher and farther。The warm sunshine shines on the students' running figure, with the students' hand-drawn kites one by one, everyone's wishes and blessings are also higher and farther with the kites。The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, the kites on the playground are flying with the wind, the happiness and joy of the students are filled with their faces, and the expectation and hope for a better life will always be in their hearts!

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